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Let’s prevent breast cancer with healthy food

posted by: Dr. Soulaf on: Saturday, 12/10/2019 at: 1:04 PM in: Breast cancer awareness

***For pink month let’s focus on INCREASING our intake of CANCER FIGHTING FOODS instead of Pink-washed food!***
Do you know that lifestyle changes can play a huge role in breast cancer prevention? AND that 38%* of breast cancers could be prevented with lifestyle changes.
👉Increasing the intake of healthy food, such as fruits and vegetables
👉Increasing the intake of prebiotics foods such as sprouted grains and home made fermented vegetables
👉Avoiding processed grain: wheat, soy and corn products are highly subsidized by the US government, making them very cheap and widely available for production of highly processed and refined products*
👉Avoiding processed meat, poultry and farmed fish
👉Avoiding refined sugar and replace it with natural source such as honey, maple sirop, date sirop and coconut sugar
👉Check ingredient labels to be sure you’re not consuming high amounts of added sugar/sweeteners
👉Try working alternative grains like quinoa or buckwheat into some meals, rather than eating lots of bread, instant rice, pasta, cereal, etc**
👉Avoiding refined oils and replacing them coconut oil or olive oil
👉Get Enough Sunshine and Vitamin D
👉Regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight
As a holistic lactation consultant and a Dr in Food sciences, I am passionate about helping you achieving your breastfeeding goals focusing on a healthy lifestyle and nutrition.
* Dr axe
**Foundation American Institute of Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research