Rainbow Parenting

where breastfeeding rhymes with health and wellbeing

After being a Dr in Food sciences for many years, my journey to becoming an International Board Lactation Consultant started after my own struggles breastfeeding my son. Having gone through these difficulties myself, I created rainbow parenting to provide a holistic, empowering and non-judgmental support for mothers.

Having your baby is a giant step into the unknown. At Rainbow Parenting, we will give you all the breastfeeding knowledge and confidence to getting off to a good start. I offer support during this new stage in your life, with any issues such as latching, painful nursing and low milk production.

Lactation Consultancy

Getting off to a good start is crucial in your breastfeeding journey for both you and your baby. We can address a variety of breastfeeding issues… Learn More..

Positive Discipline

Parenting starts at birth. The way we talk to our child and answering his needs, will help to build a self-confident, empathic and high self-esteem child in the… Learn More..

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